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The Magic of Energy

How to Begin

The Magic of Energy

By In Blog On April 23, 2016

Did you ever walk into a place and say “Wow! I don’t ever want to leave?” That’s the energy talking to you. It’s a good energy when you enjoy being in a place that makes you happy or peaceful. Is that happening in your own space?

How do you feel at home?Feng Shui in your Home

Think of all of the areas of your home and how they make you feel. If you aren’t feeling content and peaceful in your space, it might have energy issues. Does your space leave you feeling tired or sad? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed with all the projects that aren’t completed that you wanted to have done by now.

I know the feeling well! I have an old house, and there is always something that needs doing. But sometimes you can’t do what you want – we have to wait until the weather conditions are ideal for painting inside and out, wait for a great sale to get just what we want, or hope we can save up enough to get these projects done.  I’ll wait for the weekend, when there isn’t a birthday party or a ball game… and I think, when is the time going to be just right to get something done around here?

How to Begin

But you don’t have to wait to win the lottery or a vacation day. You can begin to change the energy in your house a little at a time. Small things like switching out your moldy shower curtain or cleaning the handprints off your glass front door can make you feel better. Think of any little project that would make you happy, then I say go for it!

Small steps every day, like clearing one drawer or going through one cabinet looking for expired food, will help you reach your  ultimate goal of getting your home clean and in order and ultimately changing the energy to positive. Every time you take something as simple as junk mail to the trash, you are changing the energy of your space because taking out the negative makes more room for positive.

Once you address one thing, it’s done and is no longer an issue or a concern, just done. It always makes me feel better, and it can help you feel better too.

Small Steps

Don’t try and get everything done at once. Just realize that by doing one small thing today, right now, you are shifting the energy to positive by doing something simple that will make a huge difference in a small way.

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