Make a Headboard? No Problem!

Make a Headboard

One of favorite Pottstown PA client’s spare bedroom bed doesn’t currently have a head board. Until she finds one she loves, we decided to make a headboard or a pseudo headboard by ¬†hanging three similar colored mirrors on the wall above the head of the bed. What do you think? She LOVES it!

mirrors as headboard

No need to purchase a headboard for your spare room; or make a headboard, just use mirrors as a thrifty alternative.

How Can You Make this Headboard Alternative

We found the center mirror with the pattern at TJ Maxx & the two side mirrors at Target.

Total cost of three mirrors: Less than $50 (way cheaper than a headboard!)

This time of year, yard sales are great places to find mirrors like these. I am sure, you could find a few mirrors at your local yard sales, and spend much less than $50.

Do you have any other unique headboard alternative ideas to share with us?