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Spring means Clean up! Bring on the Yard Sales & Flea Markets!

Bring on the Yard Sales & Flea Markets!

Spring means Clean up! Bring on the Yard Sales & Flea Markets!

By In Blog On April 23, 2016

I was asked for some Neat Tips for hosting a yard sale or a flea market table! I’m happy to share with you some tips I have learned!

Yard Sale Tips for Neat Freaks

  1. Before you do anything: Ask yourself if you will need a “RAIN DATE”? You should reserve your space/table at the flea market (these usually cost $) Then choose your date – if you happen to live in an area where you need permission/a permit; you want to get that taken care of at least three weeks prior to your event. Ask your neighbors if they want to participate (we have shared ad/permit costs & sign making duties; it was fun & less inexpensive for everyone!) We made ours into a semi-block party!
  2. Once you set your date, get busy advertising/sorting & pricing! Tell people what sort of items you will be selling in your ad. (ie: Furniture/household items/clothing/kid’s toys, etc.)yard-sale-
  3. MUST HAVE: GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP THE NIGHT BEFORE! There are always the people who show up while you are setting up, who want FIRST PICK at your items, before you even get them set up! These sales are a lot of work, so get some help/co-host, ask your family members or fun friends to hang out with for the day! These are normally outside (bring a cooler with drinks & snacks!) and normally in the spring and summer  onths. (bug spray/lawn chair/sun hats are  helpful!)
  4. HAVE A PURPOSE: People who are going to yard/garage/rummage sales and flea markets are looking for something. A treasure that they can get for a few bucks. People who are hosting these events are usually looking to unload their STUFF and make a few bucks.  You have to ask yourself what is your goal? To purge unwanted items? To make a few bucks? For charity?  To clear out grandma’s old linens no one no longer uses?
  5. PLAN AHEAD: The work involved can be exhausting unless you spread the work out over a week or two. Plan your work/Work your plan.  Be certain you place ads a week or two in advance for sales in the local paper/on social media, etc. (ie: Craig’s list/facebook, twitter, etc.) Make some colorful signs to hang at BUSY INTERSECTIONS with specific addresses, arrows, add some ballons! Make it a party!
  6. THE PRICE IS RIGHT: The first thing I recommend is looking up the items you are selling (if you think they are worth $100, you may want to charge less) everyone is looking for a deal and will try to negotiate prices with you. If you ask fair pricing, you are more likely to sell your item and get it out of your space. (wasn’t that the idea?) Clearly price your items for sale. Be willing to negotiate!
  7. DO THE WORK: Be sure your items are clean and neat – people don’t want to buy something you should have thrown away.
  8. GET CREATIVE: Set up your selling area like a store, make it attractive! I mean you bought/obtained these items one way or another – if you didn’t like it to begin with, it probably wouldn’t have ended up in your possession. So show people how lovely your things are. Put items together if there are pieces and display them as they are. If you have the box for that thing, show it! If it’s still in it’s box (never used) leave it in the box.  If you have a bunch of size 3t boys clothing, pin the outfits together; people RUMMAGE through and leave your hard work of folding look like a pile of mess after they sort through.  Put in a box & label the side “boy’s size 3t” (you get the point.)  If you can, use a clothing rack you can borrow, use hangers and hang items with price stickers on them so that looks more organized and neat.
  9. RESIST THE URGE TO KEEP YOUR PURGE: The most important thing I can tell you about hosting a sale is: DO NOT BRING IT BACK INSIDE! After I finish any event where I want to unload items; I load the leftover items  all into the car & take them to the donation center. Doing this keeps your spaces clear & makes room for new opportunities in your life.

Good luck with your sales!

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