Help Me Organize My Kitchen & Make It Cozy

A  Boyertown client asked me to help her make her eat in kitchen more organized and cozy feeling. She lives in a rental space and everything is WHITE and felt cold and institution-like.

Since we couldn’t paint the walls, we chose to add color through curtains, rugs, pictures and accents to the space to warm it up.

Kitchen Organizers to the Rescue

Lazy Susans for Kitchen Organizing - After

We added lazy Susan’s to the shelves in this corner cabinet to make it easier to find things.

When she moved in to her Boyertown rental, she just put items where they fit without really planning how the kitchen would be used from day to day. So she also needed help getting her cabinets/cupboards/closet spaces more organized and functional.

First, we found her a more logical organization system in the cabinets and drawers to create better flow while she was in the kitchen. We then added several lazy Susan’s to store items in the corner cabinet and to the spice cabinet as well. Next, we added shelves inside of the closet to organize her recycling.

Lastly, we moved things around to make more sense for her in her kitchen.

She says it will be fun watching the family search for items for the next few weeks :)..

My client absolutely loves the feel of her new cozy kitchen. She said she feels like she WANTS to be in there now. It’s not so cold and institutional feeling to her anymore.

Check out the before and after pictures on the Facebook picture album Adding Warmth to a Cold Kitchen.




Junk Drawer

Every Kitchen has a Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer Organized

Junk Drawer Organized

Room Re-purposing – Organizing for Living

Organized Family SpaceAn organizing situation I’ve been asked to help with, more than once in the past few years is how to make living spaces share-able. When several generations of families are living in the same home, sharing spaces gets a little tricky. It’s very difficult for the younger generation to “take over” their parent’s homes and make them their own, not to mention bringing all of their stuff with them back to an already full house. Sometimes sharing a living room doesn’t provide enough privacy to read a book or do your paperwork. Not everyone has enough room for a private office.

My client’s mother passed away over 10 years ago and she and her family moved back to the family home to help care for her aging father. Her bedroom became “The room that everything gets thrown into and the door pulled closed when anyone is coming to visit” with a big “DO NOT ENTER” sign on the door. Yes, that room! She asked us to make this room into a usable space once again. The job of changing mom’s room into a functional “family” space was very challenging for her; not only physically, but also emotionally.

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Closet Re-Organization

A very busy family (7 children) asked me how I could help them get more organized. They need every single second of every single day as simplified as possible. I surveyed their current space and gave them tips for organizing  so they would have more space in their lives.

Messy Closet Before Organizing

One of the projects for this family included organizing the Gilbertsville PA master bedroom & closet. We focused on removing items that did not belong in the space.  The bedroom is small, but large enough to accommodate two adults. But not large enough for each of the adults to have their own dresser. We added under the bed storage for items that are currently “off season”; put the jewelry INTO the jewelry box. Gave them space to walk around their room without tripping over shoes by adding shoe racks to the closet (one hanging for her & one floor standing for him)

The lighting in the closet they had was not working, so we added temporary “plug in & clip on” led light fixtures that have bend-ability, so they can aim the lights where ever they need to see. Their closet structure was sufficient for their existing storage needs.

Closet Organization

Their organizing dilemma was that they didn’t have any organization. I began by adding storage bins for the t-shirts (for him), the jeans (his & hers), the sweaters (his & hers), bins for everything you can imagine – socks, work out clothes, shorts, etc. I folded the shirts so they can see which shirt they are choosing by the “front art” and stacked them into the bins by color. We then Organized Closetlabeled each bin according to what is inside.

We added hooks to the inside wall of this closet to hold: the purse & hat collection – thereby freeing up the closet hooks on the inside of the closet door to hold this season’s fashion must have: SCARVES & BELTS!  Which we used belt & scarf organizing hangers to hang these upon.

The results are amazing! Each busy parent can now get their clothes together and choose the accessories without a hassle each day. We have simplified their lives by organizing their bedroom and closet!


Check out the rest of the pics on our Fanpage set Organization of Master Closet and Bedroom.

Staged Homes Sell Faster!

 Before Home Staging

A Collegeville family hired us to help them get their home ready for sale.  A home like many others, no where near like one of the hoarder clean out homes we have done.  It was a house with the usual clutter and the usual signs of being lived in.

Bedroom before in Collegeville, PA

Bedroom Before

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Hoarding Pictures On Houzz

We just added our site to which is a social site for home improvement professionals  including interior designers, re-modelers  landscapers, painters and now Suchaneatfreak. It’s also a place where home owners can go to get ideas for new projects.


We will be adding more pictures of projects to Houzz in the future, but for now we only have a few before and after pictures from a hoarding clean out job we did last year.

If you are on Houzz, please let us know by adding us as a friend, and we will do the same.

If your not on Houzz and you are looking at doing some home improvement projects, why not check it out to get some new ideas.


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Our Fanpage Galleries page

We just added a page which includes pictures from our Facebook Gallery’s.

There are pictures of many of the jobs we have done over the past year or so. Pictures include some from hoarder clean outs, real estate staging, professional organizing jobs, and general clean outs.

Clean Out of a Clients Grandmother's home

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Closet Clean Up!

A couple with 8 closets in their home have asked me to help them purge their unwanted items as well as sort what they are keeping and put into an orderly manner.  Look at the success so far ~

Professional Organizers Dream After professional organizers finish

Professional organizers love reorganizing closests like these. The results from all their work is just so rewarding.