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Office Makeover Video Such a Neat Freak

Office Makeover Video, Pottstown, PA


Please enjoy this Neat before/after  Office Makeover video and client’s reaction to the reveal of the space.

Office Makeover Video Transcript

This is currently a sitting room in the basement of a client’s home. We will be turning this into an office today. We are really to get it all in here..check back in 2 hrs…so here is the office 2 hrs later. We cleared all the clutter..added some art..lamps decorative throws, seating area, pillows, desk, credenza, printer, chairs and more art, and a plant we added there..little shelf..and there you have it..can wait to see what she(client) thinks..ready 1,2,3 (yelling) so what do you think..its so great..its so nice..its perfect..thank you so much for my new office..I love it..

End Transcript

As you can tell from the video, our client was more than thrilled with her office makeover.

The video music is Kurt from FunkyFrets Music and @FunkyFretsMusic on twitter.

The video was edited by a good friend of mine, who I will gladly refer you to, if you ask me.



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