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Kitchen Organizers - Make My Kitchen Cozy and Organized Such a Neat Freak

Help Me Organize My Kitchen & Make It Cozy

A  Boyertown client asked me to help her make her eat in kitchen more organized and cozy feeling. She lives in a rental space and everything is WHITE and felt cold and institution-like.

Since we couldn’t paint the walls, we chose to add color through curtains, rugs, pictures and accents to the space to warm it up.

Kitchen Organizers to the Rescue

Lazy Susans for Kitchen Organizing - After

We added lazy Susan’s to the shelves in this corner cabinet to make it easier to find things.

When she moved in to her Boyertown rental, she just put items where they fit without really planning how the kitchen would be used from day to day. So she also needed help getting her cabinets/cupboards/closet spaces more organized and functional.

First, we found her a more logical organization system in the cabinets and drawers to create better flow while she was in the kitchen. We then added several lazy Susan’s to store items in the corner cabinet and to the spice cabinet as well. Next, we added shelves inside of the closet to organize her recycling.

Lastly, we moved things around to make more sense for her in her kitchen.

She says it will be fun watching the family search for items for the next few weeks :)..

My client absolutely loves the feel of her new cozy kitchen. She said she feels like she WANTS to be in there now. It’s not so cold and institutional feeling to her anymore.

Check out the before and after pictures on the Facebook picture album Adding Warmth to a Cold Kitchen.




Junk Drawer

Every Kitchen has a Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer Organized

Junk Drawer Organized

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