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What Home Staging Will Do for the Sale of Your House

The current real estate environment is tough enough as it is without adding extra obstacles to the sale of your house. What are these challenges? Some of them are things that you can do yourself, but others can only be spotted by a professional in home staging.

You are used to the overall appearance of your house, and you view it from the perspective of someone who is already living within it. However, a home staging professional will be able to take the look of your rooms far above and beyond anything that you have been able to achieve on your own. Certainly, you know that removing clutter and cleaning each room in the house will make a significant difference, but in this buyer’s market, you need to do something that can further distinguish what you are selling from the significant amount of competition that is currently out there.

This is precisely what  our home staging services can do for you. We will arrange your house in exactly the way that will Barto Pa Home Stageingprovide the best and fastest sale. Our Home Staging Service often involves streamlining and simplifying the furniture and layout of each room in order to enhance its size and encourage better flow of traffic.

Another important feature of our home staging is neutralizing color schemes and décor that are too personal, while adding a little splash of color here and there through accessories when required to avoid a stark appearance.

Home staging can also be helpful when trying to sell a vacant house. Empty rooms can feel cold and lack visual markers that can help the buyer to visualize using the space with her own possessions, while giving a better impression of the size of the area. Therefore, our staging professionals will often use rental furniture to add a bit of “life”.

Hiring our home staging services is usually done either by the room or by the hour. The price is generally based on the experience level of the professional and the degree of service that you will be requiring. Though it may seem like a bit of an investment up front, homeowners are rewarded many times over by saving time – which is especially important in a vacant home that is doing nothing but racking up expenses – and generating a higher selling price.

Research and statistics clearly show that home staging significantly reduces the amount of time that is needed to sell a house, and that the average sale price is notably higher than expected when these services have been provided.

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