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Closet Organizing - Reorganizing Closet and Master Bedroom Such a Neat Freak

Closet Re-Organization

A very busy family (7 children) asked me how I could help them get more organized. They need every single second of every single day as simplified as possible. I surveyed their current space and gave them tips for organizing  so they would have more space in their lives.

Messy Closet Before Organizing

One of the projects for this family included organizing the Gilbertsville PA master bedroom & closet. We focused on removing items that did not belong in the space.  The bedroom is small, but large enough to accommodate two adults. But not large enough for each of the adults to have their own dresser. We added under the bed storage for items that are currently “off season”; put the jewelry INTO the jewelry box. Gave them space to walk around their room without tripping over shoes by adding shoe racks to the closet (one hanging for her & one floor standing for him)

The lighting in the closet they had was not working, so we added temporary “plug in & clip on” led light fixtures that have bend-ability, so they can aim the lights where ever they need to see. Their closet structure was sufficient for their existing storage needs.

Closet Organization

Their organizing dilemma was that they didn’t have any organization. I began by adding storage bins for the t-shirts (for him), the jeans (his & hers), the sweaters (his & hers), bins for everything you can imagine – socks, work out clothes, shorts, etc. I folded the shirts so they can see which shirt they are choosing by the “front art” and stacked them into the bins by color. We then Organized Closetlabeled each bin according to what is inside.

We added hooks to the inside wall of this closet to hold: the purse & hat collection – thereby freeing up the closet hooks on the inside of the closet door to hold this season’s fashion must have: SCARVES & BELTS!  Which we used belt & scarf organizing hangers to hang these upon.

The results are amazing! Each busy parent can now get their clothes together and choose the accessories without a hassle each day. We have simplified their lives by organizing their bedroom and closet!


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