Need to sell your home FAST?

This spring/summer season has brought a lot of new HOME STAGING clients to Such A Neat Freak, Inc. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have helped so many people MOVE on with their lives. 

staged bedroom

Staged Bedroom

bedroom before staging

Bedroom Before Staging

We have a great reputation of quality work with local clients and Real Estate Professionals by Organizing, clearing, cleaning and staging homes for sale for the best possible view of your home for potential buyers.

Here are the stats (so far) for a few of the homes we have staged in Montgomery County PA to this point in 2013:

  • #1 January – Collegeville, PA 4 bedroom 2.5 bath home – SOLD in 3 days on the market(read the post about this Collegeville Staged Home)
  • #2 May – Collegeville, PA 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home – SOLD in 2 weeks on the market.
  • #3 June – Boyertown, PA 2 bedroom 2.5 bath, finished basement – SOLD within 7 days of listing
  • #4 July – Pottstown, PA 2 bedroom 1 bath – SOLD within 7 days of listing(see pics from this project on our Fanpage album Empty House For Sale -Before and After pics
  • #5 July – Boyertown, PA 3 bedroom 2.5 bath – SOLD within 3 days of listing

There are many more homes that were on the market, which I consulted on for both Clients and Real Estate Agents within the past few years. The stats for the five home staging  jobs above speak for themselves.

staged kitchen

After Staging

Kitchen unstaged

Before Staging


Whether you are selling/moving or have an Estate property that you need to get cleared and sold quickly – Such A Neat Freak, Inc. is who you should call. From Purging to Packing – from Staging to Sold; we do it all. No need to FREAK out!


Our fees are very reasonable and our team pays attention to every detail. Please call us to schedule a consultation appointment.


Home staging is worth every effort! People who are looking for a new home appreciate it!

Make a Headboard? No Problem!

Make a Headboard

One of favorite Pottstown PA client’s spare bedroom bed doesn’t currently have a head board. Until she finds one she loves, we decided to make a headboard or a pseudo headboard by  hanging three similar colored mirrors on the wall above the head of the bed. What do you think? She LOVES it!

mirrors as headboard

No need to purchase a headboard for your spare room; or make a headboard, just use mirrors as a thrifty alternative.

How Can You Make this Headboard Alternative

We found the center mirror with the pattern at TJ Maxx & the two side mirrors at Target.

Total cost of three mirrors: Less than $50 (way cheaper than a headboard!)

This time of year, yard sales are great places to find mirrors like these. I am sure, you could find a few mirrors at your local yard sales, and spend much less than $50.

Do you have any other unique headboard alternative ideas to share with us?