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Such A Neat Freak was established in 2006 by Tracy Bernard.

Tracy Bernard

I have always kept my home pretty tidy, but one day while cleaning our home – I think we were getting visitors (as my husband says “cleaning for the Queen!”) my son said “Mom! You Are SUCH A NEAT FREAK!” That’s the moment my company name was born!

I began by helping friends with routine cleaning.  My daughter was going on an international student exchange trip and I needed some extra money to help with expenses.  After a while, I began offering  organization of  cupboards and closets to offices and garages; Now the company has expanded to include room/space re-design, estate clean-outs, home staging, down-sizing, designing elements that will help you enjoy your space and things the way you want to.

It turns out I’ve had the knack for this all of my life.  As a child, I loved sorting through other people’s things and arranging them in an orderly fashion. My Mom & Dad always enlisted the help of the children for house hold chores while I was growing up. They taught me to have pride in my work. A job well done has always driven me toward the goal of being Such A Neat Freak!

At Such A Neat Freak, Inc, we pride ourselves on quality over quantity. We provide top notch services that don’t cost an arm and a leg. From cleaning to construction – there is no space that won’t be NEAT when the job is complete.


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