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10 Questions to Ask Your Landscaper Such a Neat Freak

Hiring a Landscaper for Home Staging

As part of our home staging services, we often times have to do a bit of landscaping to improve the curb appeal. However, home owners may want to hire a landscaping contractor who can design a landscape that will bring the most dollars for their investment.

Additionally, we like to see a well manicured yard, with a well designed landscape that has some water features, possibly a patio or deck, and of course who wouldn’t want an outdoor fireplace.  Well regardless if you are planning on hiring a landscaper for your home staging or just want to redo your landscaping, there are somethings you should ask any prospective landscaper.

The Following is a guest post by ProMark Landscaping, which we have never used, but by looking at their site, we sure would not mind having them make a patio for our backyard.

 10 Questions to Ask Your Landscaper

If you are thinking about landscaping your property, there are certain questions you need to ask your landscaper before you start the project or make any commitments. It is important that you work with a reputable company, who not only understands what you want, but who will get the job done right.

The following are 10 questions you will want to be sure to ask your landscaper before the start of your landscaping project.


  1. Do you give free estimates? Most do,  so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of, so always ask.Montgomery County Pa Pavilion and Patio
  2. How long have you been in business? Find out if the company you are considering is new to the business or if they have been around for years and have a well-established positive reputation.
  3. How many people do you employ and do you use subcontractors? You need to know exactly who will be working on your project and why.
  4. Are you insured? Do not do business with a landscaper who is not properly or fully insured. This includes making sure the company has Workers Compensation Insurance. Without this insurance, this puts you at risk of being liable should an employee hurt themselves on your property on the job. Insurance helps to protect you from lawsuits.
  5. What expertise do you and/or your staff have and are you certified? It is important to know what expertise a landscaper has. This doesn’t only include knowing what their particular talents might be, but also if they are certified in these areas. Certification means that they have proof of the experience and knowledge they claim to have. Certifications could include: arborist certifications, material systems certification( EP Henry Authorized), and/or Retaining Wall Design certifications, etc).
  6. Have you ever done a landscaping project like this before? What are your specialties? Ask to see pictures of previous projects that were similar to yours, as well as ask for referrals from these past clients. Ask to see pictures of completed jobs.
  7. Do you have all of the equipment that is needed to complete the task? All of the equipment required should be provided by the company.
  8. What kind of products/materials do you use? You’ll want to make sure that the products they use are high quality, will work well within your space, will not be harmful to the environment and they are certified to use the products(ie EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor).
  9. What should you anticipate during the landscaping process? You’ll want to know what the project schedule looks like. This could include how many workers should be on your property at a time, who they are, how many hours they will work in a day, how many days it will take, etc. This will help you anticipate how long the project will take and limit the number of surprises that pop up along the way.
  10. Can you provide me with a realistic estimate of how much my landscaping will cost? Find out what is covered in the cost, i.e. materials, labor, time, etc. Know what is expected and sign a contract. Do not rely on assumptions and a handshake.

Well those are the ten questions that ProMark recommends you ask when hiring a landscaper.

From the perspective of a home owner and a professional home stager, I know a landscaped yard adds a tremendous amount of value to the investment known as your home.

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